Why I need a CB Radio

Why I need a CB Radio:
Road Trips: Much of the open road in the United States has no mobile voice or data service, so if there is a wreck, traffic jam, construction, you break down, get a flat tire, there is a blizzard and you are about to freeze to death, if all else fails you may be able to find help on a cb radio.
Camping: Many travellers have CBs in their cars and RVs, so it’s a fun way to communicate and meet nice people in your campground. Many festivals and campgrounds have a CB check in station for directions, updates and information, usually on Channel 13.
Survivalists/Preppers: If the worst happens and we don’t have power, cell phones or internet, we need a way to communicate. CB radios are readily available and you can run on a car battery for days…
Meeting Girls and Guys for Various Activities: Whether you are taking a break at a truck stop, at a park, festival, small town or camping, you can meet girls and guys on the cb radio for many fun activities. Many entertainment establishments advertise on the cb radio.

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