New Ranger 2970n2

After lining everything up, this radio really barks on AM and sounds really nice on SSB. As soon as you open up the box, throw the mic in the firepit. The buttons are on the side instead of on the top and I bumped them 20 times, and everyone said I sounded like I was on the telephone and they made fun of me. All the other mics shown in the picture sounded ok, but the RF Limited CR577 really sounds awesome on AM and SSB and I checked in to a SSB net tonight and I got many compliments.  Keep in mind they put heavy duty power wires on there for a reason. On SSB yelling a good “Uhh Yeaaa” into the microphone the radio does 210 watts on a bird meter and draws 38 amps on the amp meter. It will do much more power than this, but it gets so hot that the mosfets will catch on fire. If you run this radio with any more than a flat SWR, it will warble and sound like total shit. If you can’t get your antenna to show no SWR bars on the radio screen, get a tuner then. If you have a RF Limited CR577, have an astron 50 amp power supply, (or wire big fat power wires directly to the battery in your car), have a dead flat SWR and don’t turn the radio up past 200 watts, then you will really like this radio on AM and SSB. FM isn’t too bad either, and the receiver is nice to listen to base and mobile.

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