Am I the only one?

I hear some of the best sounding stations on the cb band over all of the other bands. I also hear some of the worst from people running monster truck announcer echo and roger beeps.

Once in a while I hear someone with a very low level of fast echo and it actually sounds good, because it adds depth and volume to their voice. Most of the time people add so much it just makes them sound like a retarded person is playing with it, and then they turn on 2 roger beeps, and then they change the capacitor in their browning so it feeds back for 5 seconds instead of a nice soft ping and then hook a doorbell up to their radio, and turn the power all the way up so it sounds like a mcdonalds drive through and it swings backwards too.

Am I the only one who appreciates a nice, clear good sounding station? It seems everyone around me is trying for the opposite.

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