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  1. Need help. My son inherited a CB Radio I need a place to install and make sure CB is working correctly. Where can I find one. I am located in Murrysville PA. Thank you in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Sandy, I believe Team Nutz installs cb radios.

      Here is their info:

      Team Nutz LLC
      3287 Library Road
      Pittsburgh PA, 15234
      United States

      Local –
      (412) 882-8346
      Fax – (412) 882-8347

      Mon – Fri – 10am – 7pm
      Saturday – 9am – 3pm
      Other hours available by appointment.

  2. Is there any CB radio shops that sell CBs in or around Pittsburgh? Want to get back into it hard to find a shop in Pittsburgh.

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