New Ranger 2970n2

After lining everything up, this radio really barks on AM and sounds really nice on SSB. As soon as you open up the box, throw the mic in the firepit. The buttons are on the side instead of on the top and I bumped them 20 times, and everyone said I sounded like I was on the telephone and they made fun of me. All the other mics shown in the picture sounded ok, but the RF Limited CR577 really sounds awesome on AM and SSB and I checked in to a SSB net tonight and I got many compliments.  Keep in mind they put heavy duty power wires on there for a reason. On SSB yelling a good “Uhh Yeaaa” into the microphone the radio does 210 watts on a bird meter and draws 38 amps on the amp meter. It will do much more power than this, but it gets so hot that the mosfets will catch on fire. If you run this radio with any more than a flat SWR, it will warble and sound like total shit. If you can’t get your antenna to show no SWR bars on the radio screen, get a tuner then. If you have a RF Limited CR577, have an astron 50 amp power supply, (or wire big fat power wires directly to the battery in your car), have a dead flat SWR and don’t turn the radio up past 200 watts, then you will really like this radio on AM and SSB. FM isn’t too bad either, and the receiver is nice to listen to base and mobile.

Am I the only one?

I hear some of the best sounding stations on the cb band over all of the other bands. I also hear some of the worst from people running monster truck announcer echo and roger beeps.

Once in a while I hear someone with a very low level of fast echo and it actually sounds good, because it adds depth and volume to their voice. Most of the time people add so much it just makes them sound like a retarded person is playing with it, and then they turn on 2 roger beeps, and then they change the capacitor in their browning so it feeds back for 5 seconds instead of a nice soft ping and then hook a doorbell up to their radio, and turn the power all the way up so it sounds like a mcdonalds drive through and it swings backwards too.

Am I the only one who appreciates a nice, clear good sounding station? It seems everyone around me is trying for the opposite.

Body shop is coming in good tonight

The Body Shop is a trucker oriented strip club located in Emlenton, Pennsylvania along interstate 80. They advertise every night on the cb radio channel 19 (trucker channel) and after their announcement you can go to channel 16 and ask them questions. As cb radio operators in the local area, we use the body shop’s cb radio announcements every 10 minutes as a beacon for antenna testing and comparisons.

body shop from Jigga Man on Vimeo.

Little antenna vs big antenna

The antenna on the left screen is a trucker cb antenna stuck in my yard. The signals are good, but compared to the antenna on the right, the noise level is high.little and big antennaThe antenna on the right is my pvc pipe dipole hung in a tree. As you can see, the signals are stronger and the noise is much less.

There is an overall curve of signals and noise on the left antenna, and the right antenna is more flat leveled all the way across the cb band. This shows the trucker antenna receives well on channel 19, but the dipole antenna is much more broadbanded and receives evenly well across the entire band, and there is no curve.